Our Story

Here at Rod Desyne, we are a supportive group.

When it comes to window treatments, we are ready to provide you with support you can depend on. At the heart of our business, we make sure we stay true to our values. Our philosophy is simple: Offer high value and get high returns.

With staff designers that create one of a kind window decor, we offer a variety of decorating solutions to achieve all design goals. Each year, new designs and innovations are developed to meet progressing trends.

From manufacturing to distribution, we control the entire process to ensure the best quality products are delivered to our customers. Our streamlined manufacturing process has provided us with little barrier when it comes to overseeing quality standards and inventory control. A close relationship with our manufacturer grants us an outstanding supply chain direct to our warehouse to merchants and customers alike.

Founded in 2007, Rod Desyne has been prospering in the window covering industry and continues to strive towards further growth every year.

A Message to our Customers

We would like to first and foremost thank the patronage of our valuable partners and brand consumers. An ongoing mission is to build and nurture all our partnerships and customer relationships with a strong and reliable business ethic.

Focusing on customer feedback has been a mainstay for us. We understand that our customers have different needs so our product assortment is constantly growing to meet increasing design and functional demands.

If there’s anything you think we can improve on, we would love to hear about it. Contact us!